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Otsego Economic Alliance Mission & Vision

The Otsego County Economic Alliance, Inc. (OCEA) is the economic development partnership serving Gaylord and Otsego County.





The Mission of Otsego County Economic Alliance is to champion economic growth while enhancing the quality of life for all residents in Otsego County through public/private partnerships.





The Vision of Otsego County Economic Alliance, Inc. is to facilitate collaboration among community resources that promote a vibrant economy. 





1.  Retain, Expand and Attract commerce and entrepreneurs focused on family sustaining jobs.

2.  Facilitate Community Projects.

3.  Strengthen and Leverage strategic partnerships.






OCEA is a collaborative, community supported, full-service economic development organization; serving as the recognized champion of economic change and growth in Gaylord and Otsego County. OCEA provides leadership, vision, education, and promotion of economic development; and provides the services and assistance necessary to develop high wage, high skill, base industries in Gaylord and Otsego County, through retention, expansion, and attraction as well as entrepreneurial encouragement.


OCEA recognizes that its primary role in managing economic development is to impact the number and quality of jobs by retaining, expanding and attracting industry to the county. In doing so, the nonprofit has agreed that it can only be effective in this role if all aspects of the community - its leadership, infrastructure, land use, public services, and overall quality of life - are conducive to this goal.


Services to the business community provided by the nonprofit include: business expansion and location assistance including infrastructure development, tax abatements, financing, access to state level incentives, and customized location proposals; research and information to assist businesses; export assistance; small business planning assistance and micro-loan financing; and as a liaison to local government.

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